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With the recent spell of warm weather some members of Ridgehill Angling have been Chayy Dam, Ridgehill Angling's new homebusy cleaning up and making The Chads a more beautiful place to fish and walk around, rather than doing a spot of fishing. They had a new sign delivered which was promptly fixed on the largest island yesterday by Simon and Carl a.k.a. Carp King Carl. It meant wading out in waist deep water to

reach the island, oh and to evade the protective male Canadian Goose which had a nest on the island, with the female sitting on a clutch of eggs. She sat on her eggs quite unperturbed by the commotion on the island but kept an eye out just in case. The lads, knowing she had a clutch of eggs where careful and as quiet as they could so as not to disturb her too much. The wildlife on Chadwick dam is as important to the members as the fishing, and the last thing they wanted was to disturb her too much.


My new e-book “The Frugal Gardener” is now available to purchase from my website Wayne Anthony.

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Buy my book and let me show you how to garden the frugal way!

I am very keen on a number of things and one is the environment and recycling, so I have started another blog called Sensible Living. I have been doing it for a few months now and finding it pretty enjoyable and I am always looking for new things to add to it.

I blog about things I reuse and recycle, gardening, the environment and another thing that is close to my heart, wildlife. Why not nip over and read it, I hope you do and find it useful and maybe pass it on to your friends.

Sensible Living.

Spring Daff's

I am in the process of writing a small E-book about organic gardening which will cover a host of different ways in which to garden the organic way.

Topics include:



Medicinal Herbs


Organic Pesticides

And a few other topics not yet decided upon. I will have the E-book finished and ready for sale by the 25th July and I will charge $6US initially. All the work is done by me and that includes the pictures which accompany this book

If anyone is interested or have any ideas let me know.

Beautiful in white or lilac

If you are looking for hints and tips about environmental issues then why not take a trip to my other blog here.

It’s a new blog which I hope will concentrate on many issues including recycling, alternative products for things like gardening and everyday use plus anything else I can think of, including cooking and recipes for which I have a few.

I love this beautiful planet and want to do my small part in making it stay that way.

Why not hop along and have a gander and please participate. Everyone’s welcome.

Sensible Living.

I have been in Sweden on and off for around 2 years now and in that time I have had to learn how to live alone and environmentally. What I mean by that is by recycling as much as I can, catching rain water for the loo, growing my own veg and fruit during the summer months and, well just trying to save and reuse as much as I can. And this extends to the garden where I try to reuse wood and other things like brick that people throw into the forests near me.
I don’t know who has done it but this person must have had a driveway at one time and then dug it up. Instead of going to the tip with the brick they threw them into a pile in the forest about 2 kilometres away from me. Now I have seen these brick when I first came here so they have been there at least 2 years, and in the past have taken a few for the garden. Now the snow has gone I have filled the car up and brought a load of brick home with me for the garden as I intend to use them and also to make a BBQ so we can have one on a lovely summers day, that’s if the volcanic ash has gone by then!

Volcanic ash

Is that Volcanic ash in the sky?

I still need a few more as the BBQ is using more than I thought but there’s lots still lying there, abandoned so I am recycling them.

Wheres the exit?

Another thing they have done around here lately is cut down lots and lots of pine trees. I don’t know why but the government have said it’s now ok to do so and you don’t need permission like you used to, so I think that’s the reason why. A lot of people have wood burning stoves and fires around here and it is perfect where I live as there is so much wood!

So much wood

Wood for the trees

Anyway I went onto the woods and helped myself to the trees they have knocked down and left discarded on the floor. I don’t have a wood burning fire or stove but instead will use them in the garden as either fence posts or fencing itself. Pine is beautiful especially when the bark is still on it and will make a great looking fence.

I'm a lumberjack and i'm ok

One other thing that I have done recently is pull up some of my own pine trees. Nothing too big, around 30cms is probably the biggest tree I pulled, but I intend to plant them in the garden and create a small hedge in some places. Yes I know they grow to very high heights if left unchecked but I intend to cut them to the correct size over time when they have all growed up!!!

I'm a lumberjack!