As the weather was warm last weekend I decided to go for a small walk down to the local river. There’s a small path that runs alongside the River Tame for about 600 metres so I thought I would go there and look around. The sun was blazing and although not

summer yet it certainly felt like it as the birds, singing their summer songs were flying from tree to tree, butterflies were darting around looking for flowers which were open so they could have their fill of nectar, the life giving substance that will keep them going till more blooms are fully open. A blackbird, startled by my silent approach suddenly flew from it’s perch in one of the trees, warned the others nearby by it’s high pitched shrill. It’s flight looked erratic as it flew across the river to the safety of the other bank where it could regain it’s composure. Then suddenly another bird song. A song I haven’t heard since late last year when these birds migrated South to warmer climates. A rasping, wonderful sound as they announced their arrival, flying around the river in search of a snack probably after such a long distance they

were hungry, well who wouldn’t be. I looked skywards and saw them, small black specs at first then they came down from their lofty heights and I smiled as they darted along the river easily picking off insects in flight. Yes summer is here I said to myself and

smiled. Not quite I know but when I see the first House Martins of the year I always say summer’s here.

I sat down on 1 of the bench’s and admired the scenery around me. All around were trees and shrubs all starting to show their majesty as they began to produce their leaves. In front was the river itself,  the River Tame with fast moving crystal clear water. Small fish began jumping out of the water as if trying to evade a larger predator underneath caught my eye. They skirted around the overhanging branches trying desperately to escape the hidden danger, I didn’t see anything but something certainly spooked them.

All around me was quiet, no cars or people just the birds singing in the trees and in the sky. The odd train passed by, their wheels clattering against the rails on the old viaduct taking their passengers to their destinations. Passengers, looking out from within their cool compartments, seemed to admire the sudden change in scenery and I could see the odd face straining to see the scenery as the train continued on towards its final destination. I too looked around and smiled as I had left the hustle and bustle of everyday life and quietly sat on the banks of the river taking in the sun and scenery.

Summer isn’t quite here here in the UK just yet but the recent good weather is turning everyone’s thoughts to summer, mine included.