I came across this article earlier about gardening from Computer Active:

Use your computer to help you with gardening tasks and ideas – Computeractive – PC help.

It’s a really good article giving you hints & tips about what to do in the garden, you can use the computer to help you with the tasks too.

Spring Daff's

I am in the process of writing a small E-book about organic gardening which will cover a host of different ways in which to garden the organic way.

Topics include:



Medicinal Herbs


Organic Pesticides

And a few other topics not yet decided upon. I will have the E-book finished and ready for sale by the 25th July and I will charge $6US initially. All the work is done by me and that includes the pictures which accompany this book

If anyone is interested or have any ideas let me know.

Beautiful in white or lilac

We had a bit of a storm yesterday. First the sun came out then these big black clouds appeared. Then the thunder and snow!!!

Wheres the alien ship?

This time last year the temperature was into the late teens/early twentys’ but this year I am lucky if it gets to 10!

Is this the sign of things to come?

I hope that the weather does get better as I have lots of things to do in the garden but the weather people don’t give me much hope.

Here comes summer

Here in Southern Sweden this type of weather is normal so I just better get on with it, but last year really spoilt me! No rain whatsoever in April last year and temps into the twenties. God I hope summer will be nice. Mind you I will be somewhere else.

Still no signs of a ship

Yes after 9 weeks of nothing but snow it is finally melting, yippee!! All I have seen since the 15th December is snow, no green grass, soil, nothing so to wake up this morning and to see the snow and ice rapidly melting is fantastic.

I know it’s still winter and we will have days when it’s very cold but, I think we have seen the last of the snow now until next winter, famous last words I know but today has really made me happy and so looking forward to spring which is only a few days away now!

Cold and Harsh

I was thinking lately too about the amount of snow we have had here and to tell you the truth I don’t think I have ever experienced this much snow, not even when I was a kid back in the UK in the 60’s and 70’s. I have been here for 3 winters now and this is by far the worst, not with the cold but the amount of the white stuff we have had. The last winter was very cold but not a lot of the white stuff and the 1st winter here was just like a typically British winter, reasonably mild and not a great deal of snow, but this winter, well it has made up for it that’s for sure!

As you can see from the following pictures I have been a little fed up of all this snow so wanted to build a snow home. Not satisfied with one home I decided to make another!

Snow home

Hole in the snow

Anyway I am keeping everything crossed that I don’t see any snow fall until next winter, I have had enough of the white stuff to last me a lifetime.